Nikko Sightseeing Spots to Visit in Kimono

Nikko, located in Tochigi Prefecture, has many famous tourist spots.
Here are some spots that you can enjoy even more if you go out in a kimono.
Please enjoy them with your loved ones and family,
Please have a good time with your loved ones and your family in kimono.

Nikko Toshogu Shrine

30 minute walk (1.9 km)

Nikko Toshogu Shrine is one of the representative shrines and temples of Nikko, a World Heritage Site in Japan. The shrine attracts many tourists from abroad and is crowded with people on holidays.

Tokugawa Ieyasu is enshrined here, and it is considered the headquarters of all Toshogu shrines in Japan. The 55 buildings, decorated with lacquer and rich colors, are truly gorgeous. Visitors can enjoy over 5,000 sculptures and gorgeous decorations, including the famous “three monkeys (see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil)” and “sleeping cats. The beautiful architecture and kimonos are a perfect match.
Cute amulets exclusive to Nikko Toshogu can also be purchased.

Nikko Futarasan-jinja Shrine

30 minute walk (1.9 km)

Nikko Futaarasan Shrine, located next to Nikko Toshogu Shrine, is a shrine for matchmaking and was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.

It is known as a power spot that brings good luck in all aspects of life, including marriage, money, work, and friends, and is believed to be blessed with family happiness, easy childbirth, and fertility. There are many lucky spots on the temple grounds, including a “marriage tree,” “marriage bamboo,” “parent and child cedar,” “lover’s cedar,” and “lucky guardian dogs.

Seasonal events are also held, so we recommend checking those out as well.

Kegon Falls

Nikko is an area with many waterfalls, so much so that it is called “48 Waterfalls. The most famous of these is Kegon Falls, one of the three most famous waterfalls in Japan, where water from Lake Chuzenji falls 97 meters at a single stroke.

Formed about 20,000 years ago, the waterfall averages about 3 tons of water falling per second. The observation platform in front of the falls can be reached by an elevator that goes all the way down the bedrock. It is a powerful way to get a close-up view of the waterfall basin.

In spring, you can enjoy beautiful fresh greenery, in summer, lush greenery and coolness, in fall, autumn leaves, and in winter, fantastic scenery of glittering, frozen, narrow small waterfalls.

Tobu World Square

The World Architecture Museum is a one-25th scale reproduction of world architecture and world heritage sites, with 102 famous buildings on display, including 48 World Heritage Sites.

Another secret of its popularity is that visitors can enjoy events, illuminations, and seasonal flowers depending on the season. It is also recommended to take wonderful commemorative photos with a variety of landscapes in the background.
There are also cafes and restaurants in the park, where you can spend a relaxing time.
You will feel as if you have traveled around the world in a single day.

Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura

This is a new type of historical theme park that allows visitors to feel as if they have been transported back in time to the Edo and Sengoku periods.

There are many places in the park where you can take pictures of quaint wooden buildings and houseboats that look great with kimonos. You will surely be able to take pictures that look like a scene from a period drama.
Visitors can also enjoy various activities such as “Ninja Karakuri Yashiki” and “Senbei Yaki”.

Finally, when you come to Edo Wonderland, you should not miss the live shows held in theaters throughout the city. Performances range from comic and water tricks to the “Great Ninja Theater,” which showcases sword fighting, magic, and martial arts. Shows are held daily, with multiple performances taking place throughout the day.

Kinugawa Onsen

At the end of your sightseeing tour, why not relax and heal in a hot spring?

Kinugawa Onsen is one of the leading hot spring resorts in the Kanto region, developed in the upper reaches of the Kinugawa River, which runs north-south through the central part of Tochigi Prefecture. Footbath cafes and day-trip bathing facilities are available, allowing visitors to enjoy the hot spring without staying overnight. The spring water is a natural alkaline simple spring, soft to the touch, non-habit forming, and non-irritating to the skin. Recommended for those who want to achieve “smooth” skin!

Kinugawa Onsen is located near Nikko and is included in the free travel zone of the Nikko Passes to the area.As a place to stay when visiting Nikko, you can add a little fun and relaxation that complements Nikko’s culture and nature.

Shinkyo Bridge

Sacred beautiful vermilion bridge at the entrance to a shrine in Nikko, also known as the front gateway to Nikko.


奈良時代の末に勝道上人が日光山を開くとき、 神仏に加護を求めた際に、深沙王(じんじゃおう)が現れ2匹の蛇を放ち、その背から山菅(やますげ)が生えて橋になったという伝説を持つ神聖な橋です。


神橋の先には、日光東照宮へ通じる参道があります。二荒山神社で神前結婚式を挙げるカップルは、「神橋渡り初め」という神事で、厳かな雰囲気の中、神橋を渡ることができます。 また、日本の重要文化財に指定されていて、日本三大奇橋(山口県錦帯橋、山梨県猿橋)の一つに数えられています






Nikko Food in Kimono! This is the place to enjoy Nikko food in Kimono! Here are some sweets from Nikko.

~ Eating Sweets and Delicacies ~

Nikko Pudding Tei


日光霧降高原大笹牧場でとれた牛乳と日光御養卵を使っ た美味なぷりん。

【住所】〒321-1405 栃木県日光市石屋町410-7
TEL:0288-25-6186 FAX:0288-25-6185

1 min walk from COCON NIKKO

Sakaeya ​​Fried Yubamanju

日光さかえや 揚げゆばまんじゅう本舗


【住所】〒321-1406 栃木県日光市松原町10-1
【営業時間】9時30分~18時00分 季節変動あり

3 min walk from COCON NIKKO




【住所】〒321-1402 栃木県日光市中鉢石町917

13 min walk from COCON NIKKO

Nikko Gourmet Yu-an



【住所】〒321-1403 栃木県日光市下鉢石町817
Mail✉ yuan.nikko11@cocon-nikkoadmin

10 min walk from COCON NIKKO

Sweetshop Kamakura

甘味処鎌倉 東武日光駅前店


【住所】 〒321-1406 栃木県日光市松原町255
【営業時間】 10時00分~17時00分 LO16時30分
【電話】 0288-25-3559
【定休日】 無休
【公式】Home|甘味処鎌倉 東武日光駅前店

2 min walk from COCON NIKKO

Japanese Kashi Kumo IZU

にほんかし 雲IZU日光店


【住所】 〒321-1401 栃木県日光市上鉢石町1018
【営業時間】 10 時から17 時(季節変動有)
【電話】 0288-25-5158 【FAX】0288-25-5157
【定休日】水曜日(12 月~7月)
※水曜日が祝祭日の場合 は翌日

15 min walk from COCON NIKKO

Nikko Ningyo Yaki Misashiya



【住所】 日光市石屋町440
【営業時間】 9時00分~17時00分(毎週木曜定休)
【電話】 0288-54-0488 日光人形焼みしまや

2 min walk from COCON NIKKO

NIKKO RUSK CAFE (日光ラスクカフェ)


【住所】〒321-1404 栃木県日光市御幸町592-4
【営業時間】 10時~17時
【電話】 0288-25-6125

7 min walk from COCON NIKKO

Marion Crepes Nikko shop



【住所】 日光市石屋町420
【営業時間】 10時00分~18時00分 日曜営業
【電話】 0288-53-1166
【定休日】 水曜日

1 min walk from COCON NIKKO



【住所】 栃木県日光市御幸町590
【営業時間】食堂 10時00分~20時00分
【電話】 0288-25-7200
【定休日】 水曜日

7 min walk from COCON NIKKO



【住所】 〒321-1401 栃木県日光市上鉢石町1017
【営業時間】 10時00分~16時00分(季節により変動あり)
【電話】 0288-25-6400 【FAX】 0288-25-6401
【定休日】 不定休

15 min walk from COCON NIKKO

Nikko Purin Tei Pancake Club

日光ぷりん帝 ぱんけーき倶楽部


【電話番号】 080-2795-7266
【営業時間】 10時00分~17時00分
【定休日】 なし 【駐車場】 なし


2 min walk from COCON NIKKO

Yubamusubi Fudaraku Honpo

ゆばむすび 補陀落本舗 石屋町店


【住所】 栃木県日光市石屋町406-4(石屋町店)
【電話番号】 0288-53-4623
【営業時間】 9時00分~17時00分

2 min walk from COCON NIKKO

Recommended accommodation near COCON NIKKO

Nikko Kanaya Hotel

Classical hotel in Nikko
Historic and atmospheric interior
Special collaboration plans with the Kanaya Hotel are also popular.
Afternoon tea in kimono

Add: 1300 Kamibachiishi-cho, Nikko-shi, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan
Phone: 0288-54-0001

1.3 km from COCON NIKKO

jicon -「而今」

A place to connect every moment of your journey, with the concept of a special moment limited to one couple.
A walking tour of Nikko in kimono! Kimono and set plans are also available.

Add: 264-2 Matsubara-cho, Nikko-shi, Tochigi 321-1406
Phone: 090-5538-1022

50 m from COCON NIKKO

Hotel Famitic Nikko Station

Conveniently located 5 minutes’ walk from Tobu Nikko Station and 7 minutes’ walk from JR Nikko Station.
Friendly staff will welcome you.
Discount if you tell them you were introduced by cocon when you make a reservation for accommodation!
500 yen discount per person if you book directly with the hotel.

Add: 263-1 Matsubara-cho, Nikko-shi, Tochigi 321-1406
Phone: 0288-25-7772 Fax: 0288-25-7774
Email :

80 m from COCON NIKKO