Price and Plan

Rental hours: 10:00~17:00 

If you want an extra hour, please contact our staff in advance.
You may return your kimonos by 17:00 next day, will be charged an optional fee of 1,650yen each person.  
Obi-belt, tabi-socks, underwear, zori-sandals and dressing are all included.  It will take about 20 minutes to get all dressed up. 
We have various kimono plans you can choose from, Standard, Deluxe, Premium, Hakama (classical student style), and Houmongi (formal kimonos) for ladies, also Men’s, Family, and Kids. Even if this would be the very first kimono experience for you, don’t worry! We can help you choosing the best kimono coordination!  
During your sightseeing in town, we can keep your small luggage for free. Prices are tax included.

Standard Plan


Recommended for beginners and casually try for ladies kimono rentals. 

Deluxe Plan


Our most popular ladies kimono rental plan in which you can choose your favorite kimono style from various colors and designs. 

Premium Plan


Gorgeous design and trending looks make your kimono experience more unforgettable.

Men’s Plan


A variety of colors lineup for men, always included Haori (jacket). 

Discount for Couples

¥8,850  〜

A special plan for you two! Dating in kimonos, celebrating anniversaries, having a surprised birthday…make your happy day! We have a ¥500 discount from your total fee.

Hakama Rental Plan


Hakama plan, a retro-modern women’s student style, is popular for its atmosphere that blends in with the World Heritage sites. If you want to wear boots with hakama, please bring them yourself otherwise we only offer zori-sandals.

Kids Premium Plan


Varieties of colors and sizes, our kids kimono plans are best for you the ages between 2 to 12 years old. 753 (Shichi-go-san) celebration is also great with our kimonos.

Family Plan for 3


This plan is for a couple and a child, the total of three kimono rentals. Woman’s kimono is a formal and luxury style of Houmongi, with a set of hair arrangement. If you want to have a special family occasion in Nikko, we recommend this plan for you.

We also have 2-person sets (mom and child) and 4- and 5-person sets.

Family Plan for 2

Kimono rental set for 2 persons (mom and child)
(Hair set and hair ornament for one person included)

Family Plan for 4

Kimono rental set for 4 persons (parents and 2 children)
(Hair set and hair ornament for one person included)

Family Plan for 5

Kimono rental set for 5 persons (parents and 3 children)
(Hair set and hair ornament for one person included)

Lady’s Formal Kimono Plan: Houmongi


This kimono plan is for ladies who wish to dressed up in formal and upgraded kimono style. Houmongi is great for parties, weddings, anniversaries, family events, and more!

Dressing Fee for Your Own Kimono

Bring your own Kimonos, our experienced staff can help you dressing.

Furisode, Montsuki Hakama

Houmongi, Muji, Tsukesage, Komon, Tsumugi, Men’s Kimono


Yukata Plan

This plan is available only during the summer season, when you can rent colourful yukata.


Select Options

Hair arrangement with accessories


Our quick and stylish hair arrangements are highly recommended from many of our guests. Staff handmade and original hair accessories are all you can choose!

Hair Accessories Rental


You might want to enjoy our staff handmade, original hair accessories. They are all you can choose from varieties of colors and shapes.



Want little more a formal style? Nagoya-Obi may look gorgeous on you.

Women’s Haori Rental


A haori style with a retro feel.
Recommended for the winter season.

Shawl Rental


During winter seasons, we recommend shawls for kimonos. 

Obi-kazari Accessories Rental


Like our hair accessories, obi-kazari is also COCON NIIKO’s original,  staff handmade item. 

Group and couple discounts are available.

Group Discounts

For customers booking via the website.
For a minimum of 3 adults, a discount of ¥500 each from the plan price. This discount can be used for the entire group as a single payment. This discount does not apply to arrangements you bring with you.

Couple Discounts

For customers booking via the website.
The Couple Kimono Plan offers a ¥500 discount off the combined total for the two of you.

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